Basra security continue its campaign against thieves and murderers

Posted 23/12/2015 04:21 PM

Basra / follow-up to the Orient:
Within the security campaign to arrest the thieves, murderers and drug traffickers who have escalated their criminal acts in recent times across the province, was arrested a gang of seven people stole SOC salaries of workers in the Majnoon oil field north of the province, which is estimated at 400 million dinars. He said the early security source, said that "the strength of the internal intelligence managed to arrest the thief at the age of 13 years, belongs to a gang of 20 people specializing stealing bicycles and bags women arrested are all", pointing out that "the process of arrest was based on information accurate intelligence as well as the confessions of a teenager . It is worth mentioning that the government of Basra offered, last Monday, the confessions of a number of elements of the gang that committed murders and the theft of cars in different parts of the province. According to press reports, the gang has been doing business under the protection of security criminal elements involved have been arrested on a number of them during a massive operation on Sunday ..