To provide the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd medicines and electricity for free

2312 2015
Varied volunteer methods, and Takaful sons of the homeland among themselves to get out of difficult crises with them, and this Shim known to Iraqis since ancient times and so far, with members of the popular crowd, who answered a call to the sacred defense against gangs źDaash╗ criminal that wants to broadcast the devastation and destruction in the country, and who are from early volunteers for the home, had their share of volunteer community-based campaigns aimed at giving back to the sacrifices they have made for the sake of maintaining the home of Conception those gangs.

Giving drugs to patients with the martyrs of the popular crowd families and provide them with electric power by generators civil owners for free, and convoys of food to pieces the crowd from time and the other, between the level of interaction between the community groups working to stimulate the moral side of the heroes of the armed forces and the crowd.

Free medicines and treatment

Pharmaceutical Hala Mohsen, said ╗Sabah╗ she took the initiative to suspend a banner in front of her pharmacy in the Ur neighborhood of reading (grant medicine to the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd for free), indicating that this voluntary initiative is an expression of the extent of gratitude pure blood spilled in defense of the homeland in order to be blessed with sons live in dignity.

With shared pharmacist Ala Juma talking on the initiative which they are seeking to achieve social solidarity among the members of society and the families of the martyrs who sits a lot of them in poverty and do not have the price of medicines, so we decided to work to provide them with their needs of medicines, particularly medicines chronic diseases.

For his part, the medical assistant Habib Taha he often addressing the martyrs' family members as far as Baltada and glaucoma needles and processes of micro free of charge, pointing out that this can not be compared to the size of the sacrifice made by their children in order to confront the gangs źDaash╗ terrorist He wanted to destroy and ruin the country.

Electricity lines at no charge

In turn, said Kareem Abdul-Hassan, the owner of a civil generator in Baghdad's banking district, to his count of the martyrs and volunteers, the families of the homes in the popular crowd for the purpose of providing them with free lines, they deserve to be provided with electric power without Mkabl.kma initiated their children to sacrifice their lives in defense of the homeland free of charge Also, noting that most of the owners of private generators have similar initiatives in the Ur neighborhood areas, banks and the people.

Convoys of food aid

The citizen Mohammed slaves of the inhabitants of the Karrada area of ​​Baghdad, and he said that the committees popular volunteer CERT convoy of food and aid to the whereabouts of pieces of the popular crowd in military operations areas, including areas of Baiji and the mountains of Hamrin and Makhoul, Tikrit and Samarra, as well as the outskirts of Baghdad border areas with Anbar province, explaining that elements of the popular crowd in Tikrit Save private stores made up by a label (the Spyker stores) to collect donations for the crowd. He added that the delivery of the convoy was in coordination with the brigade on the larger headquarters, as it has been distributed in Baiji and areas near the mosque Fattah in Tikrit, and a hospital Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) in Awja, in the same vein to draw maids to the aid included food, clothing and materials in kind. and named after the birth of Prophet Mohammad, slain noted volunteer women from the region to prepare pastries, sweets and sent to the areas where the popular crowd, both those who are engaged in military operations against criminals Daash or Almaskeyn land liberated from Dnassehm.oadav that this aid reaches a week to a certain area, besides the a lot of aid up to orphans popular crowd and the efforts of intensive of all the people of the region, whether citizens where or municipal and local councils the aim of sponsorship in appreciation of the role of the heroic for their loved ones who were martyred in defense of the homeland, with coordination with the departments of schools in order to inventory the preparation of the orphans have to buyout gifts and financial amounts at events and follow-up health and educational situation and in coordination with the number of orphans and child-related civil society organizations, as well as directing school administrations to collect voluntary donations from affluent kids and customize them.

ę Al Sabaah 2015