Iraq Search activation "Cydia" to cut Airlines tickets rehabilitation docks

2312 2015
Search Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, during a meeting of the ministry opinion activate the body system [Alceta] to cut off Iraqi Airways tickets through the Internet.

According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Al-Zubaidi "presided over the three hours of the sixth meeting of 2015 to form the opinion of the Ministry of Transport, and were discussed during the meeting controls granting air investor certificate AOC was reached to finalize it, and will be published through various media in implementation of the principle of transparency adopted by the Ministry of Transport that. "

"We also discussed the subject of the activation Alceta system [ticketing] own Iraqi Airways via the Internet", pointing out that it "will be available to citizens and agents who have the Master Card, and Visa card, traded from Iraqi banks will be disseminated via the media."

The statement pointed to "discuss the rehabilitation of five yards at the entrances of the capital Baghdad, according to the common operating system, through the General Company for Land Transport," noting that he "has been accessed profiles for these projects through the provision of frozen and refrigerated and Yards, hotel and commercial offices stores, scales gantry to accommodate these trucks and inspect the latest advanced devices, in collaboration with the Baghdad Operations Command. "

And that "the project was referred to the Council land transport management to make the decision by the Board of Directors as a self-financing company," pointing to "discuss the issue of rehabilitation and the creation of sidewalks in Iraqi ports."

The Director General of contracts and general manager of the ports, according to the statement, "a detailed explanation of the stages reached by the delivery of international companies to the process of rehabilitation, amounting to ten companies, it is hoped to compete on the process of rehabilitation and management in the coming period," noting that "the project was referred to the Board of Directors ports to take the appropriate decision according to Law 22 of 1997 "

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