Iraq, the real estate market accounts for 77% of liquidity

2312 2015
Observers believe and Followers Activity banking sector now that the revitalization of economic sectors, both productive ones or service can not be for him to take a range of required only through activating the role of banks and secure the liquidity needed her to in order to be able to implement its programs lending, financing and promotion of different investment opportunities for citizens, individually and collectively. Therefore considered circles concerned an interview with the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords in the third banking conference recently and the subsequent directives during a meeting last Thursday with managers Commissioners of banks in respect of credit information and the possibility of linking banks optical Balkeppl as a longer service available information and data credit registration and related credit facilities system , this guidance conservative circles considered as an invitation to work on the development of a culture of savings and raise public awareness in the direction that enhances their contributions to expand the resources of the state and the consolidation of this practice in a manner consistent with the economic and development policies in the country's requirements.
As the revelations Keywords during the conference about hoarding 77 percent of the Iraqi currency traded in the market in residential buildings is a sign of the magnitude of the problem which is experienced by Iraqi banks currently due to non-availability of required from the desire of the citizens of the importance of the idea of ​​savings and interest and the extent of its contribution to the liquidity needed by the sector level Economic and financial arm of banks. This is what makes the central bank puts plans to attract the money depending on the good provision of banking services, especially since the governor Customers may develop managers Commissioners for banks in the form of credit data and credit limits allowed or unauthorized currency type and maturity and the types of guarantees provided everything related here credit data . Academic and expert banking d. Sadiq al-Shammari said during the expanded meeting of the activists in the banking sector to the importance of what in the words of Governor of the Central Bank in the third Banking Conference held recently, pointing to know everyone that banks play a key and vital and decisive role in all societies for being able to mobilize public savings any ability to attract and attracting public deposits and diversify these deposits, whether ongoing or provide or fixed, adding if the banks have this capability in attracting citizens' savings can be said that there is confidence among the public or aware of the high banking operation then you can mobilize and attract these surpluses.
On the other hand you can employ these funds or deposits in areas to serve different sectors of the economy, whether agricultural sectors or industrial or service they certainly will benefit the development of the community that is to say they can save money and banking services to secure economic and social development requirements in addition to its role in providing liquidity to individuals and institutions and activities Business as her difference is rarely what we find a bank that does not deal with money, assets and bonds, it could be argued that the nature of the bank dictate him a job assembling deposits and invest them and the granting of credit and provide direct and indirect relationship services. And finds Shammari said more wealth liquidity components of money as a medium of exchange and a store of values ​​and a tool to meet any high ability to switch to all kinds of goods and services offered for consumption in the community and therefore the bank if the high leverage they constitute a success for the policy of the bank and the management of the bank should take into account the interests of these customers to provide liquidity when they request one when they wish, in order that obliges banks and central banks to maintain a certain percentage of total deposits as legal reserves to a large part of the reserves it holds in the event of a certain deficit. Therefore, the banks which always instil confidence among the public by keeping their money first and provide excellent services with high quality returns rewarding so that they can maintain the money value of corrosion on according to the rule that says dinars today is better than dinars tomorrow other words, the statute of limitations time may eat its value if There were no attractive returns even banks can attract deposits more it has to offer services such as nearby service or parking or certain awards upon the filing of the customer and according to a certain ceiling, and Cashouts awards and determine the specific duration as well as granting implicit benefits.
It should internal and external environment study, knowing that the government banks have accounted for deposits of government departments in deprived both private banks. He said Shammari need to create a banking awareness among everyone that they deposit their money in banks and to encourage and motivate the public to expedite dealing with the banks, also called for the provision of the requirements of the banks to provide loans low cost for specific segments, especially the staff as well as compel government departments to deposit ratio of their funds with private banks taking care to be for banks branch network or small office or a car for the transfer of public deposits, as well as a focus on financial and operating winches for banks. He added that the central bank to stimulate the task or encourage banks that have deposits exceed their capital as the establishment of the Deposit Insurance Corporation is an important step, along with the availability of banking departments efficient and able to keep up the difficult conditions experienced by the financial sectors of the country's economy. Shammari, who heads the Islamic banking association, is that Islamic banking has become a necessity required by the need to create products that fit the law, taking into account the needs of communities that have become going to be this kind of banking services, which has increased the interest in the inclusion of financial inclusion as an objective strategic new governments and other relevant authorities. He said that Islamic banking paid about giving support financial inclusion by allowing individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, in line with the principle of integrating social responsibility and the principles of sustainable development in their funding policies which requires strengthening financial liquidity opportunities in the relevant financial inclusion and improve credit policies and credit and finance banking sectors and the wider Since the scope of financial inclusion leads to enable individuals to work and convert the potential into productive as well as encourage savings and financial autonomy and poverty reduction as well as to create a favorable environment for all members of society to finance and financial services.
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