Tareq al-Hashemi end dispute with Talabani clan

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. A source close to the vice president to be prosecuted, Tareq al-Hashemi, end the row with the Talabani clan, which had already accused him of involvement in the assassination of Judge Necmettin Talabani.

The source continued in an exclusive interview with agency / Baghdadiya News / Friday, that the Iraqi government sent after the emergence of the issue Hashemi in the media, and a delegation to the Chief of Clan Talabani in Sulaimaniyah province, and provided them with tablets containing confessions protection Hashemi and members of his office, including involvement in the assassination of Judge Talabani, it who made the clan leaders to issue a statement to hand over the Vice President of the Republic, who is in the Kurdistan region to the Iraqi government.

Clan of President Jalal Talabani had previously demanded at a meeting attended by more than 120 people from their faces in the house of Sheikh year in the Srzinar west of Sulaymaniyah, the heads of governments and parliaments of Baghdad and the KRG and the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani deliver vice president of the republic Tareq al-Hashemi to the courts in Baghdad to prove the involvement of protection the assassination of a member of the Court of Cassation judge star Talabani, as they called not to politicize the issue and take the legal course. "

He drew one of its members that "the delegation of the clan went to the court that is considering the issue of prisoners who confessed to killing the judge Necmettin Talabani briefed on the details of the case," noting that "the detainees have re-representation of the assassination in front of the delegation of the clan, prompting them to make that decision."

The sources added that "the delegation with the participation of another speaker personally visited Talabani, leader of a tribe in the area before Srzinar three days from now, and presented them with proof of innocence of the blood of al-Hashemi judge Najm al-Din, and gave them information about the organization that assassinated him and the reasons for his assassination."

He emphasized that many details will be announced on PZEV charges against the Vice President of the Republic.

The Supreme Judicial Council, issued in 19 of the last December 2011 arrest warrant against Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and prevented him from traveling, also offered to the Ministry of Interior confessions to members of the protection Hashemi implemented a series of armed operations against elements of security and government officials and visitors to the holy shrines, / End / 27.