MIC provides a revival of Iraq's $ 3 billion annually go to buy ammunition

2015-12-21 21:25:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Raise defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi "Bstal military" in front of a group of journalists, during the conference held a few days ago in Baghdad, he said he imported from China and sold to the Army as a domestic industry and the weakness of the real price.

The Ministry of Industry, in turn denied the official Iraqi processing commodity of foreign institutions. And it revealed an investigation into the supply of protective jackets decades, and military helmets, was told she was "not in conformity" with the specifications.

According to the Ministry of Industry that all existing contracts took place during the reign of the ministry and the government the previous two. Moreover, the ministry is preparing to revive the military industry with a set companies were operating in the previous Aeksri manufacturing enterprise made famous in the nineties of the last century.

Parliamentary Commission of Economy estimates that less import gear in favor of the defense and interior ministries costs, amounting to $ 3 billion a year, by 50%, if they were manufactured locally.

Revive the mic

The Cabinet decided, in August, the composition of the military industries in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. He says Abdul Wahid al-Shammari, a spokesman for the ministry, said he was "hiring of seven local companies were part of the former MIC and will soon begin production of light and medium weapons."

Shammari confirms (range) that "the Ministry of Industry will provide the government billions of dollars were spent on importing weapons, in case the popular ministries and the crowd began to buy local production of military industries."

And it forced the Iraqi government, recently, its ministries to contract with the Ministry of Industry to buy their products. Attention Shammari that his ministry "began the rehabilitation of the old factories of the weapon that ravaged and looted after the overthrow of Saddam's regime."

Rocket to 45 thousand dollars

For his part, as Jawad al-Bolani, and former interior minister, and chairman of the parliamentary economy, lower costs for hardware purchases to less than a billion dollars a year in the case of manufactured locally.

He added in an interview with al-Bolani (range), saying "I will not make tanks or heavy machinery, but confine ourselves ammunition industry, which annually cost us about $ 3 billion."

The Ministry of Defense says that spending on equipment in 2015 did not exceed $ 600 million.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy that "smaller countries bordering Iraq local produce weapons and we have to do like her," stressing the importance of maintaining the security budget to spend on air defense and aviation and other heavy weapons instead of wasting them on gear.

The annual budget allocated about 20% of the total revenue to the security sector. Bolani says that "Iraq is spent per day of different varieties gear at about $ 10 million in times of battles", adding that "some of the missiles used to treat bombs wheels up, including the price of one to 45 thousand dollars."

Defense: buy, but conditions

But Naseer Nouri, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said that his ministry "will not buy the production of the Ministry of Industry unless it is within the international standards required in the ministry."

On the other hand the Ministry of Defense was able to revive a number of mechanisms and the old tanks and bring it back to work, and offered two months ago, about 400 armored wheel was manufactured in an exhibition in Baghdad.

He says Nuri (range), "we have provided about 200 billion dinars in the rehabilitation of one of the guns and tanks campaigns (MP4) and military vehicles were other ancient cost more than 400 billion dinars."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense says that "military industrialization was a group of the Ministry of defense companies, and our ministry was considering re-engineered, but the government decided to convert it to the Ministry of Industry."

The Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obeidi, told a news conference, he stopped the military shoes a deal with the Ministry of Industry after discovering that materials imported from China, and sold it to defend the most expensive in the amount of its price in the domestic market.

He said al-Obeidi said his ministry lose almost 350 million dinars because of the price difference, because it had decided to buy 150 000 military boots.

Meera and display an official at the Ministry of Defense, during the conference, a group of "protective jackets" and "military helmets" have Khrguetha gun bullets.

The official and the defense minister that "the equipment produced by the Ministry of Industry did not stand up to the gun, a weapon is not used in the battles now, where less weapon the Iraqi soldier is facing a Kalashnikov."

The Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban also revealed, the current early December the first, for the Ministry of Industry and protective shields processing unusable and distributed to police forces and popular crowd.

Ghabban pointed out that these shields were up to 100 thousand pieces and at a price of 250 thousand dinars per piece, noting that the real value does not exceed 25 000 dinars for it "iron sheets".

The interior minister said he had discussed about the priorities of this decade, but it disappeared abruptly.

Maliki's government contracts

In turn, says a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry, "The Ministry opened an investigation into this deal," adding that "all the other deals were concluded in the previous government and the ministry time."

He denied al-Shammari to be "the industry has equipped the ministries Chinese products as a local," he said, adding that the Interior Ministry "took 5 thousand protective shield only halted the 95 thousand remaining".

The Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji said that "the import of bullet Kalashnikov cost Iraq 20 cents while can be manufactured at a cost of 7 cents only," and added, "We have about 34 cannons locally manufactured, can be repaired by about two million dollars, while the cost to import one gun two million dollars."

He Darraji, at a news conference last October, that "the same companies that supplied Iraq factories warplanes early eighties of the last century, is ready to rehabilitate", but pointed out that "the problem is investors need legal guarantees for the disposal of their products, that is purchased by The defense and interior ministries. "

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