Parliamentary Energy: Kirkuk will resort to the courts to claim entitlement

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, on Monday, the local government in the province of Kirkuk to go to court in case not give them their dues from the petro-dollar. Said committee member Fatima Salman, he said that "Kirkuk governorate which suffer from the deterioration of services and poor infrastructure" She pointed out "the need to give the dues of the petro-dollar and resort to the courts in the event of failed government." She added, "The provincial council in Kirkuk, and the province is responsible for the follow-up to this issue and provide a database from which the ratio shown that they deserve from the petro-dollar-documented evidence showing." He showed that "there are ways to make a complaint through the Committee of the Regions to follow dues province." The Committee on Energy Council of the province of Kirkuk called for the governments of the center and the Kurdistan regardless dues province late petro-dollar two years ago, stressing that the province exports about 450 thousand barrels of oil a day, but did not receive "one penny" from dues this year, amounting to $ 300 million.