Learn banks that borrowed including Iraq

2015/12/21 10:49 Number of Views: 540

Said a senior source in the Ministry of Finance, on Monday, for Iraq received 16 loans from international banks to meet the current year's budget deficit in 2015.

The source said in an interview for "tomorrow Press" that "Iraq sued the Japanese and American, British, Italian, Canadian, German and Chinese banks are at least $ 2 billion in order to avoid the shortfall in the current year budget," adding that "the loans will continue for the next year in order to move the government wheel in particular, its own program with the support of the private sector and the respect of the investment budget for next year. "

He said the tastiest on condition of anonymity that "the public debt department in the Ministry of Finance was able to count two billion dollars set up by these loans, the benefits ranging from 5 to 20 percent," noting that "the combined benefits make up about 16 percent of total loans, up to 2.2 million dollars, Iraq is required to put it in a maximum period of 2018 ".

Iraq has been on the verge of charging loan from the World Bank $ 1.2 billion at an interest rate of up to 10 percent, and another loan from the International Monetary Fund is about $ 2.2 billion at an interest rate of about 7 percent during the year 2016.

Iraq is expected to be placed in the ranks of the debtor countries, starting from 2016 until 2020.