Transportation welcomes the proposal to form a "Visual" to build the port of FAO



Transport Minister Baqir Jabr Al-Zubeidi, on Sunday, the proposal Committee member oil and energy parliamentary babydiann on the formation of a joint-stock company from Basra to Faw port building.

Mezni said in a press statement obtained by "range", was lose Faw port for completion rates achieved and why complete this strategic project, "adding that" the Federal Government provide financial liquidity necessary for the accomplishment of this project, because of its great economic returns for the country to increase imports of cash and ease the budget deficit. "

Energy Committee Member pointed out that, "suggested the formation of a joint-stock company holding Basra involving citizens of capital (49%) And local and federal Governments (15%), in order to complete the project, stating that, "Transport Minister welcomed this proposal at the meeting earlier.

The Ministry of transport developed in April of 2010, the foundation stone of the Faw port project that has, according to its core Italian consulting firm on the wharf for containers with a length of 3500 meters, another Pier length of 2000 m 2, as well as container storage yard with an area of over one million square meters, and other multi-purpose arena with an area of 600 thousand square meters.