Debate on asylum Allawi for the Arab summit Today at 10:44 am

Debate on asylum Allawi for the Arab summit

Palm - clouded the political crisis on the Iraqi political scene with the approach of holding the Arab summit, to be in the twenty-ninth of March / March next, and increases the complexity of the threats to the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi to resort to the summit to view the file of the crisis, if not resolved before the scheduled date.

The political scene in Iraq sharp differences existing between the coalition and Iraqi rule of law after the accusations made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who leads a coalition of state law to Tareq al-Hashemi - Vice President of the Republic - and the issuance of an arrest warrant against him in accordance with Article (4 terrorism).

Allawi raised the threat of mixed reactions between rejection and acceptance with the Iraqi political observers are of the view that it can not display an internal matter on the agenda of the Arab summit.

A member of the Iraqi parliament, a coalition of law, Adnan al-Sarraj, Allawi has only papers escalation media only, and the Iraqi List, headed by the decisions taken for different orientations, including the return to the government and parliament.

The OS that Iraq is determined to the success of the summit, because the success of a gain for all Iraqis regardless of their commanders, names, names that will participate, and criticized what he put Allawi offer a political crisis on the Arab summit, believing that this would not give the result, because the Summit heads to review and discuss the issues with a substantial interest, such as the Syrian crisis and the Iranian nuclear file and the escalation between Iran and the United States.

On the other hand, said a member of parliament and spokesman for the Iraqi List Haider Mulla, of the most important problems that has plagued Iraq is the inability of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to manage relations with the surrounding regional and Arab well.

He added that a regional conference as big as the Arab summit in Iraq is a turning point for Iraq's return to the incubator Arabic, so the list is keen to be the turning point of this comes within the paved road towards the achievements of the fact, not only in the Iraq dossier, but in the regional private in light of changes what is known as the Arab spring.

And asserted that there is a responsibility on the Arab League and the political forces in solving all the problems in Iraq "until we can be sponsors true for the Arab Summit Conference, and considered that the continued existence of these problems and most importantly the lack of true partnership in the management of the Iraqi state and non-implementation of agreements produced by the current government send letters negative, must be combined and all internal efforts within the framework of the Arab League to solve them.

He noted that the memo to the Arab summit, does not mean the deportation of the crisis, but come in sync with the nature of the event to be held in Iraq, "and therefore confirms the existing Iraqi President that the responsibility of solidarity in the Arab League and the political forces towards solving these problems, and the impasse is not culture of the Iraqi List. "

For his part, sees a political science professor at Baghdad University, Dr. Saad Al-Sabri, the Iraqi List in practice will not be able to transfer the Iraqi file to the Conference of the Arab summit, which is expected to continue for one day only.

He said in statements to the media: There is an agenda for the countries participating in the summit reflects its view in the meeting, which will be prepared in consultation with Arab foreign ministers before the meeting of presidents and kings.

The newborn to Iraq as the host of the summit will address the opening, and on the agenda there is plenty of time to Dr. Iyad Allawi or any other person to talk through the files in front of an internal Iraqi Arab leaders.

He stressed that the effort Allawi will be rejected by the National Alliance and the rule of law in particular, expressing his belief that the National Congress to resolve the political crisis in Iraq will not be held soon, and if the contract will not be held before the Arab summit because differences still remain between the parties and politicians deep and big, and working papers Iraqi political forces significantly divergent.