«Hermes» allowing investment in Iraq through the «doors»

01.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Riyadh - «life» EFG-Hermes has announced the opportunity for Arab and foreign institutions, the possibility of investing in the Iraqi market for securities through the system swap «gates» Swap. The «gates» One of the products provided by EFG-Hermes in order to facilitate the entry of foreign and Arab investments in the Iraqi market for securities. The «gates» providing investing in the Iraqi stock through a system of exchange, by simulating the performance of the Iraqi stock and record all transactions in dollars. This has, Hermes launched «door» in the UAE in 2007, has expanded it to cover the 9 markets Arabic, including the market Iraq. In this context, the head of the Securities EFG Hermes Mohamed Ebeid Group's commitment to the continued expansion of the range of products and services provided to clients, explaining that the new product «gates» was developed based on customer demand for easier access to the Iraqi market, a market despite the timeliness witness properties and prospects themselves that characterized the markets of Russia and Turkey for nearly 15 years. With access to equity investment by Iraqi system swap, lift, Hermes the number of markets that allow trading services in which the 14 markets regionally, in what is a testament to the leadership of EFG-Hermes in the Arab world, and emphasizes its ability to facilitate access to investment institutions, the Arab and foreign markets, regional attractions through the ongoing work on developing the latest innovative products and provide better levels of service with a commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance. He slaves pointing out that «gates» designed, specially on the occasion of a large segment of our clients from institutional investors that put restrictions on the regional scale, currency trading, as well as institutions that do not allow their investment policies with local custodians or local implementation of the Settlement in Iraq.

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