Preclude the holding of the Kurdistan Alliance, "National Congress" before the Arab Summit
Posted 29/02/2012 07:30 AM

BAGHDAD - squares Liberation
ruled Kurdistan Alliance reached the Preparatory Committee of the National Congress at its meeting to be held tomorrow to unite the demands of the parties participating in the government, and adopted as a work of the Conference, according to Deputy Sheriff Suleiman Ali: "So far did not reach the unification of the papers submitted, the presence of junctions in demands and the insistence of each party not to compromise. "

Deputy Sheriff Suleiman Ali

MP Kurdistan ruled out at the same time national conference was held before the Arab Summit: "There are no true indicators of the proximity of the conference because the National Alliance, which leads the government wants to be on time before the summit, and we are with the Iraqi List, we disagree with them on the appointment, given that there is more time." .
announced yesterday in Baghdad that the Preparatory Committee will hold a meeting next Friday at the residence of Vice President of the Republic Khodair al.