Adviser to Maliki: House of Representatives manipulation paragraphs budget and the decision left to the Federal Court .الأربعاء, 29 شباط/فبراير 2012 12:06 Wednesday, February 29, 2012 12:06

Twilight News / declared legal advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq, Wednesday, for the cabinet point some additions and deletions in the budget bill by the House, pointing out that the Council of Ministers is considering these amendments this week, raising the subject to the Federal Court to resolve the matter.

The chancellor said Mohammed Fadhil, in a statement to "Twilight News", "Council of Ministers, on the basis of Article 62 of the Constitution, it was found that the House has added or introduced or deletion of some paragraphs of the General Budget Law, or the budget bill presented to the Council of Ministers" .

The deputies of the various blocs had asked before the vote on the budget on Thursday, demanding changes to the doors of the budget to ensure an increase in the salaries of retirees who have described, they slide that you need to care, especially in balancing a huge Kalmoisna current for the year 2012 amounting to $ 100 billion is the largest budget in the history of Iraq.

While noted by observers that the paragraphs of the budget voted upon, did not meet that requirement, and other demands, as was the increase in the salaries of retirees, less than expected, as it stood at 50 thousand dinars per month, while he had expected, but less than 70 thousand, has also been criticism of approval Representatives for the purchase of 350 vehicles armored to its members, which has drawn widespread criticism, turning to the issue of public opinion, as well as cancellation of the law on credit for the payment service projects.

He stated that "this issue was discussed yesterday, and were considered some of the issues will be determined accurately in this week and then being disposed of in the light of the law."

The Adviser to the Prime Minister, that "there are some observations in greater depth during this week, and we will decide what should the amendment, and we send it to the Federal Court for a decision regarding the constitutionality of what started or not," stressing to say that "the Federal Court to decide the constitutionality of the introduction of such paragraphs or cancel the paragraphs of the budget bill. "

He added that "the Council of Ministers decided to assign the legal part, shall determine what happened to delete or the development of the draft budget, and whether the House of Representatives has the right to hold such a Alasthaddat or deletion?"

The House of Representatives had voted, the end of last week, the state budget for 2012, and included the abolition of Article 36 listed by the government's payment on credit for projects of the current year budget.