Statement by the President of the Republic provision in the climate summit held in Paris changes

Threw the rule of President Fuad Masum, the word Iraq in the top 21 climate change (COP21) held in the French capital Paris on Monday 11/30/2015, The following is the text of the speech:

"His Excellency President Francois Hollande,

The Presidency respected,

Ladies and gentlemen, Heads of State and Heads of Government,


In the name of Iraq, I extend my thanks to the Government of the French Republic and the friendly people of the great effort in organizing the historic summit meeting to be held in the conditions of the international community stressed the importance of solidarity in the face of the challenges of terrorism and the risks of climate change and the consequent warming.

Iraq stands by France and other countries that have suffered terrorist Daash. On this occasion, on behalf of Iraq's oldest painful sympathy of the French people and the French government, in particular to the families of the victims. And that this global solidarity to make a demonstration of this conference is unprecedented in the confirmation of our unity in order to save the peace of the international community by terrorism, and to protect life on our planet from environmental risks on the other. In our country Iraq resolutely resist the terrorist threat. And that the face of terrorism Daash task of the international community it is necessary to confront it by all means. We thank all States that have made and give us support and backing to stand against this terrorism obscurantist.
That Iraq would like here to emphasize its support for international efforts to install rise degree warming to below two degrees Celsius. , Which he has worked in the Framework Convention for the climate and conventions on desertification and biodiversity, which entered into force on 26/10/2009 member to lay the foundations for a solid building needed to implement the objectives of the Convention national capabilities. He believes that the development of a solid foundation for a new agreement here in Paris by all parties will prepare a quantum leap in the mechanisms of implementation of the Convention and achieve their goals down to save the right of future generations in the well-being of life on the planet, which we handed over to them safe and sound.

The developed countries, as the first responsible for climate change, to meet the legal and humanitarian obligations to developing countries. These obligations include adaptation and finance and investment programs and the transfer of environmentally friendly technology on favorable terms, as well as providing technical advice and support required.

Iraqi environment has suffered a lot of problems and demolition over the generations as a result of repeated wars, neglect and mismanagement over the past four decades, adding to their vulnerability to face the effects left by climate change on all vital sectors where increased heat waves and drought, which has affected directly the growing Blowing dust storms and increased arid areas prone to desertification and at the expense of cultivated land as incoming water from the neighboring countries ratios declined, hurting our national economy and reduced employment opportunities and increased levels of poverty and the impact significantly on the health of the Iraqi citizen, and caused serious disruption demographic.

We have set a national energy strategy for the coming years to 2030. They focus on its vision to develop an integrated and sustainable manner, striving hard to implement many of the large projects "friendly environment", in addition to projects to take advantage of associated gas in the oil fields. We also now reforming environmental regulations devastating Kalohuar in the south and the establishment of environmental reserves in Kurdistan and reforestation campaigns, and the large role in mitigating the effects of climate change. But Iraq need assistance in technology investment-friendly environment, and to support his plans in the exploitation of gas associated with oil operations associated gas in oil fields and other fields to extract.

We hope that this summit would contribute to the promotion of our peoples and our countries meet in order to make the future a safe and clean environment for our future generations. We are fully prepared to cooperate with all international and regional actors to create the investment environment in the field of eco-friendly technologies and to be the way for the transfer of green technology and renewable energies to the Middle East.

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