Iaram Sheikh Mohammed attributed the Iraqi people on the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussein (AS) and stresses the need not to make room for Mordan to create strife between the componentsDecember, the 201 501

The Vice-President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed condolences to the Iraqi people and references bones and Islamic nation on the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

The sovereignty in a statement issued by the Information Office "Today we all have to find out from the message Hussein all the meanings of sacrifice for the sake of truth and humanity as a whole and to promote a spirit of tolerance between religions, as we as Iraqis us in this circumstance delicate and difficult to unite and fraternal coexistence and to be in the same trench to defend the land and the elimination of our common enemy Aldoaash terrorists.

Sheikh Mohammed stressed the need not to make room for Mordan and the enemies of the country who are trying to create dissension and problems and hatred between the components, and pointed to the importance of respecting all the sanctities of the people, and seal the Vice President of the Council in this statement to declare support for all efforts by the military and security services to maintain the integrity of visitor arrivals from the provinces and neighboring countries and to secure the main roads and roads leading to the holy city of Karbala.

Information Office of the Vice President of the Council
Tuesday 1/12/2015