Recovery of 36 billion dinars in favor of the central bank of the private banks

​It announced the judiciary, Tuesday, for the recovery of 36 billion dinars in favor of the central bank of the private banks. A statement by the judiciary received / scales News / copy of it, that "the head of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud on Tuesday visited the headquarters of the Court of Appeals of the Federal Rusafa on the head of a high judicial delegation that included, the chief prosecutor and head of the judicial oversight body and the supervisor device on the Media Center Authority judicial and general manager of the judicial affairs department and judicial guards. "
He met with Mahmoud According to the statement "the judges of the Presidency of the resumption of the Rusafa court in separate meetings, and listened to the course of judicial work and administrative system where, and recommended quickly resolve claims and overcome the obstacles due to lack of cooperation of some of the relevant authorities, and he stopped on the necessity of solving the problem of similarity of names in warrants old, especially of them, it has been developed solutions to treatment. "
And a look at "percentages completion of specialized issues of integrity, money laundering and economic crime courts, where was left in front of the Criminal Court of integrity only 35 suit under plead 0.20 adversarial suit them, while 33 trial is being conducted in absentia."

The statement said that "the Court of Misdemeanors Integrity completed since the beginning of this year 585 issue, also contributed to the recovery of amounts 36 billion dinars back to the Central Bank of Iraq under the protection of private banks as well as The delay benefits."
He pointed out that "economic crime court in 2500 contributed to the recovery of relics from Jordan, and 77 pieces of the Netherlands, and 78 relics from different countries."
"The Al Mahmoud met with lawyers in their headquarters - in the judiciary Palace in Rusafa and listened to their demands and stressed the implementation and the need for cooperation of judges with lawyers" .