Higher Coordinating Committee plans to hold its first meeting in Baghdad next week, and stresses: We are not a cartel partisan

Revealed the Higher Coordinating Committee, led by Osama Najafi, on Monday, its intention to hold the first official meeting in Baghdad next week, while indicated that they "do not follow the leader or a specific leader," being the head of the political work in the same forest Sunni provinces, he has denied being a "partisan bloc" .
A spokesman for the Committee, MP Khalid Mafraji, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The members of the Committee would hold its first official meeting in Baghdad next week," expressing his "determination of the Supreme Committee to proceed with the project for the Liberation of the provinces and territories usurped from terrorist organizations, and justice displaced persons and restore their rights. "
He Mafraji, a deputy from Kirkuk's Arabs, and chairman of the parliamentary regions, that "the Commission expresses itself as driving top of the political events in the provinces and work as one team, and do not follow the leader or commander of a specific but rather a political work in those provinces head," returned to " Some of the media took place in the unintentional wearing when described the Higher Coordinating Committee as partisan bloc ".
He stressed member of the Higher Coordinating Committee, that "the leadership of the Supreme Coordinating Committee welcomes the internal and external positions interested in this historic achievement, it emphasizes the national project and affiliation Iraqi pure."
The head of the Muttahidoon, Osama Najafi, announced last Monday, (the 23 of November the current 2015), the formation of a "Committee for the Coordination of graduate" includes 13 people from the sons of the six provinces where the majority of Sunnis found in Iraq, Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Nineveh and Anbar.