Disclosure of forging a passport and the nationality of the former minister sentenced to death, "Asaad al-Hashemi"

A member of the Committee on Foreign Relations parliamentary Mithal al-Alusi, Tuesday, for the Iraqi Embassy in the United Arab Emirates of forging passports for the fugitives, accused the government of weakness in the non-cooperation with Interpol for the arrest of former officials wanted. He said al-Alusi's / scales News /, that "the Iraqi government is not interested in cooperation with Interpol for the arrest of former officials wanted," noting that "the killing of the Iraqi people and ordered the state were inside the neighboring countries and the government is deliberately turning a blind eye on this matter." He added that "Arab countries persists and realize that harboring criminals no convergence of objection by the Government of Iraq and the State Department," and accused the government of "weakness and not to follow the wanted officials."
He pointed out that "Iraq could be called wanted, but the government there is much in what he called the" treacherous pockets, "revealing" that the former Minister of Culture fugitive Asaad al-Hashemi, who was killed dozens of citizens issued his Iraqi embassy in the United Arab Emirates Jozer travel and nationality forged. "
He pointed out that "the Iraqi embassy to visit applicants in favor of the criminals before the eyes of the president Fuad Masum, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," pointing out that "the criminal Tareq al-Hashemi exist outside the government did not ask Interpol to arrest him because of sectarian quotas in government."
The "Central Criminal in Karkh court, earlier, a default judgment against the accused Asaad al-Hashemi to death by hanging to death, for inciting the killing of the two sons of MP Mithal al-Alusi and sentenced him in accordance with the evidence and in accordance with legal methods, which sentenced in absentia Negotiable objection and discrimination."