Iraq, Iran has a formal protest to penetrate its borders in Zurbatiyah port

Informed the Iraqi government, on Tuesday, the official Iranian counterpart Baanjajha to penetrate the Iranian Visitors Iraqi Lahoud in Zurbatiyah port, stressing that the Iranian side did not commit not to allow those who do not have the access from approaching the border crossing points feature. He said Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ahmed Gamal said in a statement / balance of News / received a copy of it, "the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to issue more than one million and five hundred thousand visa (visa) for visitors Iranians wishing to enter Iraqi territory, through fifteen offices and mission in regions several inside Iran. " Jamal said, "and what happened to penetrate the border in Zurbatiyah port caused by lack of Iranian side has an obligation to prevent the approach of visitors who do not have access feature of the port." He stressed that "in the light of this, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to hold an urgent meeting with Iran's ambassador to Baghdad, informed official protest also stressed the need for the Iranian side's commitment not to allow those who do not have the feature access from approaching the border crossing points," .