Nassif reveal the theft of "spoilers" a trillion dollars for displaced persons calls to stand against "beggars"
December 1 2015

MP for the coalition of state law revealed high Nassif, Tuesday, for
Theft "corrupt" government _khassstha trillion dollars as seed money for the displaced, calling on the Iraqi state and Prosecution generally to what it called "beggars" to the Gulf states stand.
Nassif said in an interview with "Sky Press," that "the prosecutor general of the Iraqi and the state in general Almtsoloan standing before the Gulf states who want to get money and graft under the pretext that they are defending the marginalized and are seeking funds to displaced people."
She added that "the government has allocated a trillion dollars as seed money for the displaced but went into the pockets of corrupt people", calling on countries that want to donate to the displaced with "to be donated through the official channels and international organizations or directly to the displaced."
It considered Nassif "Higher Coordination Committee announced Osama Najafi as an extension of the Syrian Coordinating Committee and co-ordinating the sit-ins", noting that "the leaders of those committees Omaqgua their audiences and their people the ravages of those, whether displacement and the captivity of women and indecent assault and robbery land committees."