Abadi: we have restored 40 percent of the usurped land

Baghdad - morning

Showed the facts of the heroic battles waged by the joint security forces against "Daash" in various fronts, facts and results can not be questioned that the "organization in a state of total collapse, and his control has shrunk so much after the loss of most of the territory, which was raped last year."

However continue to achieve victories in the provinces of Salaheddin, Anbar and Nineveh WWDC stronghold of "terrorists" by the army and the air force flight, Western documents made it clear that security forces in various different forms backed Pavoaj crowd and fighters of the clans and the Peshmerga forces are in control of most areas in the provinces Althelat.wachart study by the Institute War Studies - team affairs of Iraq (translation Anis al-Saffar), that "in the November 31 Peshmerga forces Sinjar Yezidis regained a majority actually west of Mosul, from the hand of" Daash ". As the study showed that" the areas located to the east of Sinjar may also restored , with the exception of Tel cane, a village located to the south-east of Sinjar, this recovered one of Yezidis factions Almqatlh.ama concerning the provinces of Salaheddin, Anbar, it explained the study, said "security forces backed by the crowd and popular sons of the tribes became controls most areas", which led to the decline of the influence of " Daash "significantly Jadda.ually according to a map published by the Institute, the" terrorists "lost most of its former influence zones, and that their presence is limited to the areas of cities such as Fallujah and some parts of Ramadi, Qaim and villages in the wet, as well as Mosul and Tal Afar.

This study came the day after, confirm the general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi said the security forces have achieved major victories, and freed nearly 04 percent of the territory usurped after its success in the dimensions of the military threat from Baghdad.
On the ground, and out of the Air Force DC caches Aldoaash in "Mosul and Hawijah and Sharqat and Samarra and Ramadi". According to a statement of the cell media war, the Hawks Air Force in collaboration with the National Security Agency and directed accurate blows sites Daash resulted in one of them for the killing of the so-called (air defenses official Daash) .