Jubouri criticizes central to his quest to pass a law protecting him from criticism and asserts: We're going after the corrupt

​He criticized the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, on Monday, the central bank sought to pass a law protecting him from criticism, and at the time who pointed out that the prosecution will be spoilers, confirmed that he will be held accountable those who want to stop the monitoring process to sell the dollar window. Jubouri said in a statement received Alsumaria News, "surprised frequently charges the central bank to some critics for his work Baksourih jurisdiction and interference in his work, and his quest to issue a law to prevent the House of Representatives and observers from criticism of his work and its workers," calling on the bank to "abide by the constitution and the law and recognize the right of the House of Representatives to monitor, assess and evaluate the Bank's work, in addition to holding accountable those who prove collusion or deliberate breach of the system and the loss of public money. " He Jubouri that "the House of Representatives will continue to expose the corrupt and manipulators Bakot people," and expressed surprise at the "Mnaqdhat Central Bank who defend private banks launch and then return to announce punish banks for 400 billion dinars."
He Jubouri that "there are specialists in the House of Representatives lawmakers and state commissions have the right to question the evaluation and investigation of any suspicion arises, or any piece of information up and no one is above the law, no institution is not personal," stressing that "The Council strongly wants to stop monitoring and calculation process will be held accountable and will deal with each violations and on head of fraud in the sale of dollar window and financial reserve decrease significantly. "

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday (November 30, 2015), about his quest to enact legislation to protect the decision-makers of the accusations, stressing continuity in the working mechanisms to ensure exchange rate stability in the markets.

He criticized a number of specialists fiscal policy and mechanisms of action of the Central Bank on the sale of the dollar and low reserves of hard currency from Iraq window.

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords announced in the third from last March that the new regulations set by the Bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window of operations for the sale of currency auctions, noting that the new mechanisms developed to sell this currency, especially that of its functions to provide currency for foreign trade.