Talabani: our government is not affected in the absence of the change or the problem of the presidency .. the biggest danger in this


Twilight News / Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Qubad Talabani, the survival of the MDC or not in the provincial government for the "big issue and problem", as he hoped to solve this problem, however, that the lack of survival is not a problem that may fall the provincial government.
Said Director of Information and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the government of the province Mohammad Omar Kanye, in a statement reported for Twilight News, that all the speakers and managers of media in the ministries held a meeting with Talabani, the official government spokesman Sven Dzia in based Council of Ministers of the region in Arbil.
He added that Kanye Talabani said during the meeting to the oil and hydrocarbon file, indicating that the high and low oil prices beyond the control of the provincial government and has a direct impact on the region and the financial crisis in it.
And on extended-based government, Talabani stressed that the issue of the survival of the MDC or not a big issue within the government wishes to solve the problem quickly, adding that it was a problem that could lead to topple the government and that the government continues.
And on the problem of the presidency of the region, Talabani said that the problem had a significant moral and political influence on everyone, but he also also said it did not become a reason for the destruction of Kurdistan.
According to what he said Kanye, the great danger referred to by Talabani is the financial crisis which he described the difficult crisis and the great threat because they affect the war against "Daash" and displaced persons and conditions of Kurdistan and all the other crises.
He added that Talabani Kanye explained that the financial problem is reflected in the drop in oil prices outside of the will of the government and the large impact on the financial crisis, as well as the disbursements that exceed the province even before imports for the crisis between Erbil and Baghdad.
And on large disbursements pointed out that it is divided into three sections include the purchase of fuel and the electricity sector and the salaries of staff, noting that the disbursements of electricity amounting to $ 3 billion annually in the disposal of two billion dollars on fuel and electricity.
As for the employees' salaries it has made it clear that the province has 1.4 million people, pay them salaries are divided into 720 000 employees and more than 230 000 retired and 420 receive a private and more than 25 000 people contract format salaries receive the amount of 780 billion dinars per month.
And about how to resolve the financial crisis Talabani pointed out that the government's budget was reduced by 46% within the ministries were suspended in 5000 project in the Ministry of Planning are reviewed and a lot of other sectors.
And on relations between Erbil and Baghdad and addressing differences, Talabani stressed that the solution to the problem is not over the visit of a delegation province to Baghdad because Baghdad itself suffers now from a financial crisis, pointing out that everyone is waiting for the position of the Iraqi Council of Representatives of the reforms carried out by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi package .
He stressed that the provincial government also conducted investigations on those reforms, without referring to the final position of Arbil from those reforms.