Parliamentary Legal demanding Iraq's accession to the government .
Dated: November 30, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network asked the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives by a sound Shawki, on Monday, the Iraqi government to join the International Criminal Court, in order to enable Iraq to prosecute those who violate its sovereignty and secretly smuggled arms to some Aljhat.oukal Shawki in a press statement today:

"The decline in some countries in the Baghdad airport, planes, carrying a weapon is not licensed and is continued to the Iraqi government in violation of international law and prejudice of Iraqi sovereignty," noting that "the argument brought to Kurdistan also an Flaajos of any state to bring a weapon to Kurdistan without permission Baghdad."

He added, "It was supposed to have been the confiscation of all weapons which adjusts in this aircraft and know the companies that deal with the parties or the Kurdistan region and the establishment suits them", adding that "the central government has set up some suits some parties." He explained Shawki that "Iraq should join to the International Tribunal in order to be able to bring litigation and to hold accountable those who violate its sovereignty and to prosecute companies or countries that smuggled arms to some of the Iraqi authorities, "stressing that" Iraq's accession to the International Court will greatly facilitate the accounting of these entities. "