Dispute over the presidency of the National Alliance .. and block citizen rejects candidate Nouri al-Maliki

2015-11-30 18:09:33

| (Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Baghdad

MP for the Bloc citizens, Salim Chawki, the ongoing disputes over the presidency of the National Alliance, revealing the names of candidates for the presidency of the alliance.

He said Shawki, network Roudao media that "there are candidates for the presidency of the National Alliance, two head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, who is supported by most of the blocks within the coalition, and the second is Ali al-Adeeb State of Law bloc candidate and the Dawa Party, led by Nuri al-Maliki."

Shawky said that "the problem is still continuing, because al-Maliki and the Dawa Party, specifically Egypt to be al-Adeeb, head of the alliance, with the writer rejects most of the blocks and supports al-Hakim, to head the coalition and this is what caused the occurrence of chaos within the National Alliance."

He said Shawki that "al-Hakim is not insisting to be president of the Alliance, but I think that there must be a balance in the distribution of positions within the National Alliance because the prime minister of the state of law, and so as not to acquire all positions by a single block must be the presidency of the Alliance share of the Supreme Council, and the figure Ammar al-Hakim are among the admissibility of the biggest political circles both internally and externally. "

It is noted that after the formation of the new Iraqi government headed by Haidar al-Abbadi remained vacant presidency of the National Alliance for the mismatch between Alssayasah blocs within the National Alliance on any of the candidates.