Kurdistan Region issued natural gas to world markets

By Roudao Two hours ago November 30, 2015

Natural gas pipeline in Kurdistan
Roudao - Erbil

Besides oil exported to the world market, the Kurdistan Regional Government has developed a plan to export 20 billion Sega meters of natural gas in less than five years.

After five years, specifically 2020, will become the province of Kurdistan extra large revenues, and through the export of natural gas, the provincial government has prepared a plan to export 20 billion Sega meters of natural gas in less than five years to global markets.

Kurdistan Regional Government and the extended pipeline transport natural as a gas, starting from Ckramaan area and from there to the ridge and then to Khormelh down to the province of Dohuk, where will be extended to the Turkish territory across Fishkhabour port.

Work is ongoing to extend those pipes, said Minister of Natural Resources drastically last week that natural gas Sisoq to the world through these pipelines in 2020.

A parliamentary movement for change, familiar with the details of the reserve and natural gas wells in the province of Kurdistan, said that "the Kurds could take advantage of this gas on one condition."

The natural gas reserves in the Kurdistan Region are currently about 200 trillion meters Sega, ie 3% of the gas reserves in the world, and the Kurds seek to benefit from the export of oil along with the source, and thus increase the financial sources of revenue for the Kurdistan Region.