Spyker parliamentary committee delivered its final report to the Presidency of Parliament

By Mohammed Emad

30/11/2015 11:25

Brother - Baghdad
Revealed in a parliamentary member of the committee in charge of investigating the crime that Spyker paradise finished rewriting its objection after its first report to Parliament last March.

The committee member said Sabah al-Saadi "We recorded approximately 1900 martyr in the crime and this is installed at the Ministry of Defense and investigative boards about the incident."

He added that "the most important recommendations in the report was to refer the negligence of officers to justice and to emphasize the arrest of those involved the rest of them, even if they were fleeing out of Iraq."

The "can not mention names, but the leadership of Salah al-Din and operations present in the Spyker base and considered the cause of the incident and there shortening clear of them."

He said al-Saadi, said that "these officers did not expect or not in the self-employed fall of al-Qaida after the fall of Mosul, was the transfer of students of the Air Force from their school in the province to the base was not time appropriate, especially since the students were not prepared or ready to confront the enemy and most of the students became their escape For this reason and was supposed to be the leaders calculated that this did not happen. "

He pointed out, "The committee discussed the final report of the massacre Spyker and we have prepared a final report after the Parliament objected to the first report in the previous period and the Commission has already re-review the investigative boards and we will read the report in Parliament after approval by the Presidency."

"We have mentioned the names of the victims in the report as well as the accused and the officers for negligence in this incident, names, and asked to speed up the completion of the martyrs transactions and their rights," adding that "the Commission met at the Pentagon with a group of families of the victims who spoke about the problem with regard to the victim of a minor of the martyrs as the pension law is a martyr unmarried minor, he said, and this causes a problem to withhold benefits from their families, so we demanded that are considered martyrs "and expressed" hope that this report be fair to the victims. "

The Central Criminal Court, announced yesterday postponed the trial of 36 accused of the crime of massacre Spyker to 27 of the month of December next, after he ruled on the eighth of July 24 death convicts to prove their involvement in the crime.