An Iraqi appeals court frees former Minister of Environment

Sunday 11/29/2015

Iraq today / special
It seems that the Iraqi appeals court, stopped the elimination vehicle, which was carrying former environment minister - Sargon Saliwa to bars, where she was waiting for years of confinement aggravated, after being accused of wasting hundreds of millions of Iraqi dinars, although this financial waste, was stabbed in his health,
But it found observers as an attempt to provide a ram temporary redemption by Islamist parties and teeming Balvasudain left and right .. MP for the Rafidain bloc - Imad Youkhana, officially announced the "Access and former environment minister and leader of the Rafidain bloc - Sargon Saliwa to the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Baghdad headquarters , this evening (Saturday), after his release, a decision of the Court of Cassation, "The brief for the readers, the preamble to the official announcement, which danced on the tongue Youkhana in the theater talking to us:" arrived this evening to the movement's headquarters in Zayouna district of Baghdad ", and of the reception Saliwa, we read: "The MP Kanna - secretary-general of the movement, and Dr. Wadih Betty - Iraq's ambassador in Spain, and a number of personalities, and members of the movement's leadership and cadres, and the collection of Christian citizens, we were greeted by Salioh, who showed his gratitude for mass pause at home and abroad, for his support, "and whether Saliwa has decided to retire from politics after the injury or not, he had this comment:" insisted on moving forward for Iraq and its unity, and service Chaldean Syriac people Assyrian, "We take the reader note that the Court High discrimination, overturned in the 22 of this November, a decision of the Rusafa Criminal Court, and the judge sentenced Saliwa for two years, and canceled the charge against him and decided to release him. "