Interception powers "Sunni" hinders the general amnesty legislation

A member of the parliamentary legal committee full-Zaidi, Sunday, that the differences between the political blocs objected forces "Sunni" is an obstacle to the enactment of this law because it contains a lot of exceptions.

He said al-Zaidi's / scales News /, that "the law can not be steered in the coming period, but after obtaining the approvals of all aspects of the political process."

He added, "The law includes detainees who have not been proven guilty and who have been charged as a result of certificates confidential informant in Iraq," adding, "The legal committee is working to reduce the existing exceptions in the draft in order to be passed." He continued, "The legislation is based on consensus between the political blocs," calling on "everyone to agree on laws Elan and private Iraqi legislation Street." The House of Representatives ended on the fifth of July, the first reading of the draft of the amnesty law, while President of the Council Saleem al-Jubouri called for political blocs to need to agree on their differences on the draft law. It is said that a number of deputies confirmed on trying to reduce the exceptions amnesty law Am.