Parliamentary Finance: Kurdistan did not comply with customs and tariff plan for the advancement of the domestic industry

He confirmed the decision of the Finance Committee Ahmed Hama, Sunday, on the lack of commitment to the Kurdistan region of customs tariffs, which leads to the local market is full of Turkish and Chinese industries, while pointing out the lack of proper planning for the advancement of local industries, which led to shrink.

He's flesh / scales News /, that "the industrial sector response at this time to increase fiscal revenue in the country is weak so that it can not compete with regional and international industry," noting that "any risk in this sector would negatively affect the economy of Iraq".

He added that "to be able to initiate laws to Iraq to control the border crossings," stressing that "the Kurdistan region is committed to the customs tariff as any defect in the application of the law throughout Iraq will lead to flooding the market with foreign industries."

He pointed out that "there is no planning, including the type of industries led to the failure of Iraqi industries shrink," noting that "Iraq does not support local industries."