Central Bank decides to continue to "work orientations and mechanisms" and demanded legal immunity

Decided the Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, to continue to "orientations and working mechanisms" to ensure "stability" exchange rate and the adoption of "transparency" in the sale of currency operations, confirmed the adoption of a study to maintain relationships as "a general framework for his work," while the student to enact clear legislation to protect decision-makers from affiliates and give them legal immunity. The central bank said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The expanded meeting under the chairmanship of the Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Ismail held, today, in the presence of an economic advisor to the prime minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh and Ahmed Rehn Ali member of the Board of Directors and Directors-General of the Bank and a large number of academics and relevant experts in the fields of economy, finance and business. " The statement added, "The meeting discussed the study presented by the conservative entitled (international reserves and a window foreign currency sale at the Central Bank)," noting that "the study took up a number of pressing issues that the central bank is facing in light of the tense climate in Iraq of the deterioration of oil prices and the decline in revenues , and the high cost of the confrontation with terrorism. "
The statement pointed out, that "the motive for the preparation of the study was the face of arbitrariness and the accusations made against the work of the Central Bank by some of the non-professionals, which found its way into the media and involved a great deal of inaccuracies and misunderstanding and may entail negative effects on the stability of questioning campaigns the market and the expectations of investors, which can be extended to damage to the financial and banking transactions at home and abroad. "
The statement continued, "The study touched upon the review of all the options available to the central bank for the management of international reserves positives each and disadvantages," asserting that "everyone praised the high performance of the Bank's management and to strive to maintain the high reputation and Rsanth and professionalism acquired and that made him at the forefront of government institutions that have not Thanks to address corruption laws and regulations and strict controls that govern his work. "
The statement stressed that "the meeting took a series of recommendations including the continuation of the central bank in its direction and working mechanisms to ensure exchange rate stability and to prevent speculation and the removal of the big differences from the official price and the adoption of full transparency in the sell-through window sell the currency."
The statement stressed that "the recommendations of the meeting also included the adoption of the study submitted by the governor, as well as a press statement published in the new morning newspaper on the tenth of November 2015, as a general framework for the work of the Central Bank and the options available to him and distributed to professionals and the media in order to shed light on the facts and dispel the image blur for the work of the Central Bank of the mechanisms and function of the international monetary reserve and its relationship to both the general budget and the sale of foreign currency sales window. "
The statement said, "The recommendations also included regular meetings along the lines of the current meeting as needed to discuss emerging issues task concerning the work of the central bank."
The statement pointed out, that "the recommendations stressed the need to work to enact clear legislation that unambiguously to protect the decision-makers and those with the powers of the employees of the Central Bank of the charges and conjectures that are harmful to their reputation and the reputation of their institution ancient and issued by some of the parties either because of ignorance or political self-interest motivated and give them immunity Legal enjoyed by their counterparts in the world's central banks. "
The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, in (November 22, 2015), to continue the investigation in the late National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, files, and as pointed out directing inquiries to government agencies each sent their answers, he pointed out fining banks reported files Chalabi after investigation.
The Supreme Judicial Council announced, in (the tenth of this November), for receiving the documents Chairman of the Finance Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi, submitted by the head of institution-range of information, culture and the arts, Fakhri Karim, as decided the composition of the investigative jurisdiction to consider those documents, he noted that the public prosecutor will appear before the investigative panel to express his requests and follow-up.
Referred to the institution (range) have begun to (the seventh of November 2015), disclose the files of corruption, which was the leader of the late National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi, intends exposed to public opinion, also published a new file for a money transfer companies that deal with the Central Bank of without being registered in the Ministry of Commerce.

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