Kurdistan: the region receives only 12% of its budget over the past years

Special - scales News

Kurdistan Alliance confirmed on Saturday that it is said that the Kurdistan region's share of the federal budget is not correct 17%, indicating that the region receives only 12% of its budget in the past years.

He said coalition member Salim Hamza's / scales News /, "The Iraqi constitution stipulates that the share of the Kurdistan region from the federal budget is 17%, but this figure is true," pointing out that "the Kurdistan region receives 11% or only 12% of its budget in previous years. "

He added that "the political claims that you want to reduce the Kurdistan region budget from 17% to 12% is not correct because the budgets of the region do not reach the 12% originally," noting that "5% deducted after the withdrawal of the three presidencies budget and then stay for the Kurdistan region only 12% ".

The central government in Baghdad and identified the region's budget draft general budget law in 2016 by about 17%, with Baghdad and Erbil's inability to reach a compromise on oil exports.

He revealed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Azur Abdullah, L / scales News / earlier, said that future meetings of the House of Representatives will be the final agreement on the general formula to balance the province.