Council Baghdad: more than 100 billion dinars, the cost of payment on credit projects

It announced the Baghdad Provincial Council, that the value of projects to be carried out through payment on credit will amount to more than 100 billion dinars, as he emphasized that the projects will focus on the health and service sectors in the province. The Commission projects in the provincial council member Mohammed Jaber said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Council voted in recent its meeting held on Tuesday (November 24, 2015), a set of projects will be carried out through payment on credit," noting that "it is supposed to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance for approval.
"He added Jaber that" the value of these projects will exceed 100 billion dinars, "adding that it" included sewage networks, water, health centers, roads and school projects. "Jaber said that" special projects faithfully Baghdad, will include Roads which reached great achievement rates and parked on the tiling and sewage projects including project Khansa and complete sewage stalled projects, "pointing out that" regard to the draft Khansa is completed according to the new designs after its deviation from its path because of the excesses.
"Jaber stressed that" the provincial council gave Priority for school projects that have reached the percentage of completion where the finish and build health centers and hospitals, "explaining that" these projects will be implemented after the approval of the Ministry of Finance it.
"The Baghdad Provincial Council voted (November 19, 2015) to allocate 70% of the budget of petro dollars for the year 2015 projects, while stressing that his priorities will focus on ongoing projects such as schools, health and the environment, the promise of the deputy governor of Baghdad petrodollar funds amounting to 45 billion dinars, "ink on paper".