A member of the parliamentary services: investment in the budget that Amcharaa 2016

The Commission services and investment parliamentary member said the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, said the lack of investment projects in the budget that in 2016. He said Hussein al-Maliki told all of Iraq [where] that "we seek to convert any dedicated to the ministries of the budget does not have investment projects to the popular crowd to its important role in fighting terrorism, adding that" there will be no investment projects in the budget next year. "He noted the MP for the province Karbala that "the Finance Minister during his visit to Karbala held a meeting with members of the provincial been demanding for 10 billion dinars for the province, but said the previous government used to give 50 billion dinars, and stressed that the 10 billion would be the reallocation of some ministries even up to Karbala." He said al-Maliki that "the Minister of Finance did not undertake to us to give the province this amount." The House of Representatives, may conclude in its meeting on Sunday, to discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016, while the Council of Ministers approved last Tuesday to amend the budget to reduce the deficit, which is estimated 22.7 trillion dinars, equivalent to 21% of total expenditure compared to the expenses of 106 trillion dinars.
The Planning Minister Salman Jumaili said through hosted in the House of Representatives in 17 of this month that "next year's budget in 2016 where new investment projects was not included," noting that he "has been deleted and freezing Some investment projects ".
He was a member of the parliamentary legal committee full-Zaidi said last Thursday's [where] that" the Council of Ministers approved in its meeting Tuesday to Parliament on the budget amendments include increasing the popular crowd ".