Political sources reveal the "secret" visit to Iran, al-Maliki repeated

Sources said, that the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, vowed during his recent visit to Iran, 'Btadhaq foreign influence in the country' if he returned to power. Sources confirmed that Iran and the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards guide warned of 'the seriousness of the continuing Haider al-Abadi government to make concessions to other components on the pro-Tehran component account'. The sources pointed out that 'in the event of al-Maliki pledged to return to power in Iraq Btadhaq foreign influence in the country and the liberalization of the cities controlled by the Daash'. Maliki visited Wednesday, Iran for the fourth time since the beginning of this month, in efforts observers considered that it aimed to get the Iranian support to return to power. Maliki faces, who was stripped of his post as vice president under government reforms package, several judicial files, including responsibility for the fall of Mosul Daash fist when he was prime minister.

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