Parliamentary services outweigh the lack of citizen e-government project is completed over the next year

Jeht Services Committee in Parliament today not to project e-Government citizen is completed over the next year because of lack of financial allocations for this service project. Committee member Tawfiq al-Kaabi In a press statement he followed news agency Buratha today stressed that Iraq suffers from many physical problems because of the economy's dependence on only oil sales since this product has seen in the last period, a significant decline in prices, Iraq suffered a major crisis in financing the most important and vital projects project, including the electronic citizen government, pointing out that the program is one of the new programs that the government has sought to be applied in order to provide the best services for the Iraqi people from inside and outside the country. He added that the project is currently in its fourth phase and there are certified to compete in the program and future plans for the recruitment of program outputs are documenting the most important problems of the citizen with the official institutions involved in this project mechanisms. It is worth mentioning that the e-citizen government program that works on the receipt and rotate the requests of citizens between 60 official institution so far and the number of requests per month up to nearly six thousand request and complaint.