Sweden was suspended on Friday November 27, all flights to northern Iraq because of fears of increased military activity in the region.

The Swedish Transport Agency said it was also cancel other flights between Sweden and northern Iraq, including those run by the German airline Germania company. He also stressed the representative of the airline Zagros managed by a subsidiary of Atlas Global Turkish Weekly Comment line between Stockholm and Irbil until further notice. For his part, Simon Boslok head of navigation and aviation facilities reported Swedish Transport Agency "We understand that our decisions include travelers who can no longer fly to and from northern Iraq. But we have to give priority to the safety of travelers." This, and the northern Iraq closed its airspace for a period of at least 48 hours in the past week because of air caused by the Russian military campaign in neighboring Syria military activity. Was disabled commercial flights from the Middle East, Europe and also flights reconnaissance and supply supplies carried out by coalition forces that the US-led, which bombed targets of the "Islamic state" in Iraq and Syria since more than a year separately from the Russian campaign.