Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr demanded posted in the quality of an operation against "Aldoaash" in retaliation for the bombings of Bangladesh and Nigeria

The cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the Sabbath, "mujahideen" in the quality of student response operation against "Daash" terrorist in Iraq, in retaliation for Shiite Ahl al-Bayt (AS) in Bangladesh and Nigeria. Sadr said in replying to a question from one of his followers on "displays a household in Bangladesh to an attack on a mosque and the martyrdom and wounding a group of worshipers," that "the organization Aldaasha unjust righteous son of Israel terrorist (enemy of God) and large our enemy adopted this crime," He explained "not condemned nor Razz but ask the Mujahideen in Iraq and lovers of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) reply to this awful process quality Aldoaash thugs against crime." He added that al-Sadr "This operation will be Alintoaah Shiite revenge for our brothers in Bangladesh and Nigeria after the incident against lovers of Imam Hussein Husseini and those rites." The organization "terrorist Daash" claimed the attack, which targeted, last Thursday, a mosque north of Bangladesh, which resulted in the death and wounding four people. As cited at least 21 people dead and dozens wounded in a suicide bombing yesterday evening, targeted a religious procession of hundreds of Shiites, in Kano, Nigeria's second largest city, while the second was a suicide bomber blow himself up before the arrest.