Fire "eat up" file corruption .. and Parliamentary Integrity proposes the formation of a supreme committee to investigate incidents

​It proposed for the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, on Wednesday, the formation of a supreme committee to investigate fires that break out in the task of government institutions, departments, and while confirming that the committee will work under the supervision of the Council of Ministers, the Baghdad Provincial Council pointed out that coordination with the departments of civil defense constantly to avoid such incidents. A member of the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary Turaihi flowers, in a statement to the "long" that "these incidents are repeated, especially in the ministries and places for registries, such as registration and real estate areas of the Ministry of Industry of contracts and other accidents," pointing out that "The more you move a file with a suspicion of corruption do not see But combustion place after two days or one day under the pretext of seeking the electric "?!
and was amazed Turaihi of" of electric Tmasat in the Ministries of Interior visits and Industry and Foreign Affairs in other times, "claim that" there is a higher committee to investigate these incidents and no committees formed from within the ministries or offices Inspector General.
"and demanded that" the special investigation made ​​up incidents from the Cabinet Committee in cooperation with the Commission on Integrity out the results of a transparent and realistic is that determine the time periods for the investigation of any incident, and that the Commission enjoys a high level of expertise and precision.
"She Turaihi" we approached the Council of Ministers to form this The Commission will send a written request for approval of the establishment of this committee. " For his part, said a member of the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council, Fadel Shuwaili in an interview for the "long" that "there are fires occur from time to time and some of them in official institutions and this is intended to hide some files and on the whole, all the fires that occur should be opened investigation To find out the reasons.
"He added Shuwaili that" the winter when many of the problems that caused fires occur for several reasons, the most important weakness turn off the heaters and things that pertain to heating the private community awareness, as well as leaving some heaters working, although they came out of the house.
"He explained Shuwaili that" Civil Defense to develop a plan to address this matter and this formation is important in the Interior Ministry attend all meetings held between the provincial council and the Interior Ministry, in order to be fully informed of the plans and recommendations that are placed to reduce any security crisis in the capital.
"A source in the civil defense said in a statement "long" that "the main problem in the lack of directorates of civil defense and turn away many of them from residential areas," noting that "the late arrival of fire trucks to the fire area is the reason not to control it sometimes," pointing out that "The other problem is the lack of know a lot of citizens extinguishing number and therefore this is another hamper the arrival of a car fire engines to the scene of the fire, "stressing that" the important issue that must be deployed with the approach of winter is fire numbers for easy contact them in case of any accident.
"He explained that" there are some Fire disappear, including the features of the reasons due to the fire power, but at the same time there are places is prevented investigated and the reason goes back to the mean fire work in this institution because of some serious files you intend to burn it.
"She attributes most civil defense reports the causes of the majority of fires in the country to contact electric because of the weakness in the electricity networks or obsolescence.
and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on 25 May 2013 a set of recommendations to reduce the recurrence of "fire accidents" in government buildings, insisting on raising excesses for electrical networks, claim the need to speed up the enactment of the Civil Defence Act.