40 million dishdasha sweet and acid with 28 million fake invoices paid by the Central Bank

An informed source, on Friday, the importation of 40 million "dishdasha" forged invoices and the withdrawal of allocated money from the central bank. And local reports quoted the source in the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, a member as saying that "there are other files private import" sweet acid "$ 28 million, also bills forged," pointing out that "the government's move to audit the central bank bills." He added that "there are traders and people have to withdraw money from the central bank, and were able to falsification of bills to buy sweet acid value of $ 28 million, in addition to the purchase of 40 million" dishdasha ", and entered into the Iraqi market fictional amounts." The sources have revealed, earlier this month, for the purchase of Huda Al-Ahli Bank an amount of more than five billion dollars of central bank bills "rigged" and the names of people, "the newly dead." The sources said that "Huda Bank to its owner Hamad al-Moussawi bought five billion, three hundred million dollars from the Central Bank of Iraq in a manner of fraud and swindling," indicating that "the procurement process has forged invoices and the names of people who had recently died." They added that the sources refused to disclose the identity of the sensitivity of the subject, that "the bank's cooperation with a Aldvannin who gave him dead people names recently," noting that "the bank's staff had used the names of those dead in the bills buy the currency, and that legally Tmalshm of accountability." She explained that "the judiciary will not be able to arrest the owners of those bills on charges of fraud, and that is because they are the names of people who had recently died."