Tomorrow .. distribution of retired workers' salaries

100 thousand dinars exchange monthly grant BAGHDAD - morning distributes the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on Sunday the 100 grant thousand monthly dinars with the November monthly salaries, and in December of workers Almottagaeidin.altdt on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem he said: «The ministry will distribute retired workers grant amounting to one hundred thousand dinars per month by 300 000 dinars, as the grant is calculated monthly, starting from 01/10/2015, with their pensions for the months of November, December and on Sunday »He pointed out that this grant came at the calendar reality of living for workers, the fact that the rate of pension for a worker up to 130 to 200 000 dinars, and this is not commensurate with the living conditions and the needs of this category. He added that «the Council of Ministers approved the ministry's request to grant retired workers grant based on Article III of the Constitution to support the elderly in retirement and disease in order to support the private sector and activating the labor market».