Alusi accused al-Maliki in Iraq rhythm caused by political problems bids

11.28.2015 at 12:02 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He accused the President of the Civic Democratic Alliance bloc Mithal al-Alusi , Saturday, Vice President of the Republic "Almrhq" Nuri al-Maliki not being able to build a solid struggling state terrorism during his tenure as prime minister in the previous period, among his comments it is only political posturing.

He said al-Alusi's / scales News /, that "Vice President Nuri al-Maliki when he was prime minister and commander in chief of the armed forces has not built a solid state fighting terrorism", stressing that "Iraq collapsed in front of terrorism during Maliki for prime minister."

He added that "the government is now working and successful in the fight against terrorism in the post Peshmerga in Sinjar and security forces in Tikrit, and the crowd popular in other areas," noting that "Iraq is suffering from an international risk needs to be concerted Iraqi efforts to end the crisis experienced by the country."
h may affects the entire region, it is only political statements to bid and survive the political life."

The said First Deputy President of the Republic "Almrhq" Nuri al-Maliki, earlier, that Erdogan's policies put the whole world on the brink of a third world war. Ended 29/4 e