/ Scales News / reveal the largest file corruption in Iraq, particularly the "currency auction"

11/28/2015 13:25 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News
Revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, the Sabbath, for a very large file corruption in the private currency auction of the Central Bank, indicating that the currency "fad" Ahtkrth political and commercial layer in order to steal oil money auction.

She said Tamimi's / scales News /, that "the money that has been stolen in the currency auction convergence worth 57% of oil imports from 2006 to this year," the size, pointing out that "the auction just a fad and Ahtkrth political commercial layer influential linked to each other and fielded oil imports auctions in order to steal people's livelihood. "

She added, "The Central Bank reserves decrease gradually because of those bad process of stealing the money under the so-called cover auction currency," adding that "no one can stop these powerful and the youngest beneficiary of whom are members of the boards of directors at banks receiving more than $ 300 million a month ".

"The MP Majda al-Tamimi confirmed earlier in the investigation began at the central bank files on the files of corruption according to Maatmtlleke of documents and documents" .anthy / 29 / d 24