Parliamentary Integrity: We opened an investigation into the disappearance of a broad $ 10 billion from the central bank .. and Iraqi officials three varieties

03:25:17 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It revealed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary opening an inquiry widespread disappearance of $ 10 billion from the Central Bank of Iraq. The Iraqi officials confirmed that the three varieties (Deputy, NAHB, repentant).

Said the official spokesman Adel Nouri Committee that "the Commission opened an investigation into the disappearance of a broad $ 10 billion from the Central Bank of Iraq."

Nuri added that "this investigation is beset with some difficulties fact that the Iraqi cash reserve assets in assets outside of Iraq, and not easy to pull Thus the amount of it is subject to measures of security, financial and administrative complex", persisting by saying: "So Cetktnf investigation process great difficulties until access to the truth."

He pointed out that "a top executive to withdraw nearly $ 500 million from the state treasury, we do not know its fate," noting that "there is great pressure on the official to refund, you will of the Integrity Committee to announce his name and all the circumstances of the subject after achieving completion In this regard".

He continued: "We gave an ultimatum to the Iraqi Embassy in Canada, as well as there continue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this topic to reform the administrative system the situation at the embassy, after its transformation into a family business are subject to the influence of one of the senior officials and which has designated most of his relatives in the embassy."

The spokesman for the Committee that "Iraqi officials three varieties (Deputy, NAHB, repentant), Valenaib behalf to assume the Iraqi people in his service and to build their future, whether parliamentary or executive, and Pillager is all state official was in the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, who stole the money General Secretariat of the functional or betrayal he will be under the control of the Commission to recover and correct the wrong course of action. "

And: "The penitent is the official, who sinned against the Iraqi people during his responsibility then the Ptsih this error."

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