Qabbanji: Talk about the division of Iraq is rejected

Imam emphasized Fri Najaf, Mr. Sadr al-Din Qabbanji that talking about the division of modern Iraq is unacceptable, and that was from foreign countries is interference in Iraqi affairs, as pointed out that the visit of the forty opportunity for fraternity between peoples and rapprochement between sects.
Mr. Qabbanji said during Friday prayers held at the Grand Husseini Fatimid in Najaf attended reporter / scales News / Today a copy of it, that "talk about the division of Iraq is unacceptable to die nor the reality of the national brothers, nor fraternal coexistence through the centuries."
He said that "Iraq is one body and may not be cut, and talk about the division raking Azza Iraqis," stressing that "the experience of unity between the sons of the Iraqi people, ancient, and no one accepted the division of Iraq."
He pointed out that "Daash do not represent the Sunnis and not a substitute for them, stressing that Daash advocate secession and hatred, and representing civil retardation and can not adopt a civilized state, a gang live on royalties and banditry."
He pointed out that "the Sunnis want to get rid of Daash they ask of reference to intervene for the Liberation of Anbar and Mosul from these gangs."
On the visit of the forty Mr. Qabbanji that "confirmed the visit fortieth where millions shares from dozens of countries are displayed unparalleled in history, the biggest opportunity to return to God, and the greatest opportunity for fraternity between peoples, and the biggest opportunity for rapprochement between Islamic sects, and the greatest lesson of the revolution against the tyrants" .
Mr. Qabbanji and made several recommendations for visitors included the security precautions, keep the hijab and chastity, and perform the prayer on time, and not wasteful, and pray for the Mujahideen, and take advantage of religious scholars and informants in the way of visitors.
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