Parliamentary Calls for investigation down the Central Bank reserves

Commission asked for the economy and investment formation of parliamentary committees of inquiry, down central bank reserves.
A member of the committee MP Fares Knight said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news "not worried about the economic situation in Iraq for the year 2016," noting that "there are calls for the formation of committees and research in low central bank reserves from 76 billion to $ 60 billion, where he went this amount? ".
He stressed that "it is supposed to form a quick committees in this regard."
He explained Knight "does not allow the use of the reserve, but there are areas of action for the protection of the Iraqi currency and economic stability, a few, but you need to kind of transparency," noting that "this action was not Bahruffina," pointing out that "the subject was raised by galleries of the House and within the Commission of Economy and Investment and the Finance Committee. "
He continued, "We demand to know the fate of this reserve."