Allawi: I stand Parliament of the National Guard and I'm with the strengthening of the army

Detection national coalition leader Iyad Allawi, on Friday, for the launching of its project "Front political moderation" of the forces of moderation in terms of Iraq and the region, including the Association of Muslim Scholars, considering that the formation of the front is necessary to monitor the ranks of "the forces of moderation" in the face of "extremism" and fill the political vacuum in the region, as called for annexation of the popular crowd to the army and police. Allawi said, in an interview with the program (range), introduced by satellite dialogue (range) yesterday evening, "The government reforms do not go beyond austerity measures is studied and there is no intention for the establishment of a national reconciliation," asserting that "the Constitution may rip and insulted been surpassed and overcome the laws and logic and national consensus. "

He called on President of the National Coalition to "join the popular crowd within the Iraqi army and federal police," asserting that "Parliament stood against the law of the National Guard." Allawi disclosed "put political moderation at the level of Iraq Consensus Front project," noting that "the front will include partners from the axis of moderation, including parties and leftist Muslims and Kurds Scholars in addition to Arab organizations, to confront the forces of extremism in the region and fill the political vacuum."
He attributed the former Deputy President of the Republic not to deal seriously with Ahmed Chalabi, the late files, published by the Foundation range of media, culture and arts, to "the existence of the beneficiaries of corruption and the lack of real capacity to corrupt accountable," stressing the need to "assign an international company audited the arithmetic criminal financial amounts involved to Iraq and spent since 2003 until now. "