Reference calls to countries in the region not to crash and solidarity in the face of Daash
27 November 2015

Called the Supreme religious authority, more solidarity between countries in the region, to counter the terrorist gangs Daash.

The representative of reference in Karbala, Ahmed Safi, in the Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif "in these difficult circumstances experienced by our country Iraq and the whole region as it faces terrorism Aldaasha is needed more than ever to more unity and coordination among all the parties contributing in the fight against terrorists and eliminate them, "noting that" tension and collision between these parties do not benefit from it, but the terrorists who lie in wait for everyone and will not differentiate between party and another in oppression and Ajramanm ".

He called net "Iraqi political forces that unite rhetoric and positions on this crucial issue and set aside their differences and to devote efforts are all possibilities to push back terrorism Aldaasha and rid the country of it which is the most important goal that everyone is trying to achieve, but it needs to provide more support to combat forces, and develop plans has the support of Residents in areas still racked by terrorists injustice to have a bigger role in ridding their areas and reconstruction and to live serenely and with equal dignity of all Iraqis. "

He pointed out that "in this great days where he participates millions of lovers of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him from all over the world visit forties to Markadouhou Tahir call on the fighters who stand at berms front and waging a fierce war with terrorists who are stationed in the liberated territories and protecting the mouths of the country not to leave their posts to go to visit the survival which will have the greater the reward is a reward for the defense of the land and the supply and the holy sites, in addition to the tens of thousands of visitors Sicherkounam in rewarding their visits Vtjtma them rewarding fighting in the way of Allah and in the way rewarding visit Imam Hussein, peace be upon him what a great fortune. "

He also called on the representative reference visitors that "pay the importance of private and try to invest in the best face in increasing their faith in the reformist project, a plan of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and revived by the religion of his grandfather Mustafa [Y] has been emphasized in the imams visits may God have continuity and permanence willing, but aims to score the foundation for reform of the human must be that goes in the way of Imam Hussein [p] having to worry about access to increase religious knowledge true and being more moral virtues and the presence of virtuous and students of the estate in certain places, personalized in ways in Karbala, which is suitable to take advantage of them in this area a chance. "

"The important things they have to pay attention to it the attention of the marchers in the way of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, the need to avoid what interests band and differences in the ranks of the faithful and not to exploit this sad for the promotion of destinations to which they belong occasion, whether religious, political or other, and more importantly, stay away some developed practices that are not consistent with the sanctity of the occasion Husseinia and limiting where the rites that the faithful successor inherited from the predecessor to set up a mourning and grief and alarm him and revive his command and ordered the imams of his son, peace be upon them. "

Net and pointed out that "from consistently terrorists seeking to inflict the biggest possible number of lives Alberiah in human populations wide What is needed from the security forces charged with protecting visitors to do their utmost to preserve the visitors and provide the atmosphere safe for them to perform the ceremony visit with streamline their arrival to their destinations round-trip