Deputy for the National: the activation of customs tariffs will help to revive the domestic industry

Date: 11/26/2015 21:00

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
Counting the National Alliance MP Taha defensive, Thursday, the Council of Ministers' decision obliging government institutions in the procurement of domestic product for all their important decision he will do the domestic industry that stood for years.

He said the defensive in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it , said that "activating the role of the domestic industry and rehabilitation of the essentials that you need, especially in the economic conditions in which we live now in a time when our factories began producing what could be the country meet the needs of government institutions and high quality may outweigh the imported product, as well as that this decision, which must adhere by all the institutions of State will support the financial budget of the country, which witnessed a large deficit during the past years due to its reliance on unilateral funding side which is oil.

"defensive and stressed the" necessity of activating the customs tariff which will make the imported product more expensive than the local product and this resort the consumer to the product local to be high quality comparable to the quality of imported products.

"He called the National Alliance MP, the Ministry of Industry to" activate other sectors and the operation of laboratories stalled as well as restore the soul to markets, which can be a promotional station for local goods and check marketed through her ​​presentation of marketing good". Finished / 25 Q