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    Another Observer post

    Here's another post from The Observer which equally stretches facts into the realm of absurd.

    Breitling - I want to crush the skepticism that’s out there. Are they going to retire the 25k notes…are they going to lop? Let’s go through this real quick. If they were simply going to get rid of the notes with the three zeros on them all they have to do is retire them…that’s it. ["Instead"-b] They have been reducing the note count. Which tells you the value of what we have. And lately what have they been doing? They’ve been using their gold reserve to sponge up what you and I have. What’s interesting though an article says “CBI an existing project to delete the zeros “ well if they are deleting zeros off the currency why are they issuing 50,000 notes? Does that make sense to anybody? Obviously it means they are getting rid of the zeros off the rate. It couldn’t be in your face more clearer than that. What’s the worst case scenario that can happen for you here?… [Post 1 of 2 stay tuned for the rest of the story
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    *Sigh* (again)....
    1) "Which tells you the value of what we have"... Oh really? How exactly does it tell us the value? And while it's telling us....what's the value?....a buck per dinar with no lop? 3 bucks per with a lop? Anything?

    2) "buying dinar with gold reserves"... So what? How much are they paying?

    3) "If they are deleting zeroes off the currency why are they issuing 50,000 dinar notes? Does that make sense to anybody?"... Really? Okay yes it makes sense. It's going to be the new 50 after the deletion of the zeroes. Unless of course you actually believe a tiny little undeveloped country like Iraq will miraculously have an internationally traded money supply equal to 30+ trillion dollars. Best of luck with that outlandish idea.

    4) "Obviously it means they are getting rid of the zeroes off the rate"... Again, really? What makes that explanation "obvious"? Is it simply because it's the only way any of these claims could possibly work? The only way the zeroes coming off the rate can be true is if the zeroes simultaneously come off the currency which can't help anyone. See number 3 above for the reason why.

    5) "What's the worst case scenario of what could happen here?"... Well for starters everyone invested could lose money when the zeroes do not in fact come off the rate. At best if that turns out to be the case and this ends up being a currency neutral or just slightly positive or negative event, there are going to be a lot of instantly very depressed dinar investors. Who knows what some of them might do after having believed all the pump and waited for so many years only to finally realize none of it was true? One certainty is there will be a lot of lawsuits considered and I'm betting some of them will be won by the plaintiffs.
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